XII EUREM, Brno 2000
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Advance Registration Form

Use this form to register each registrant separately. The payment MUST be made by bank transfer as the net payment in USD with all charges covered by the sender. The payment should be directed to IPB a.s., Joštova 5, Brno, Czech Republic, account no. 130510703 (SWIFT code 130510703INBACZPP to IPB a.s., Senovážné nám. 32, 11403 Praha, Czech Republic, beneficiary: EUREM 2000, Královopolská 147, 612 64 Brno). A copy of the payment order must be enclosed with the Form; do not send the payment separately. Do not send cash or checks. The payment for more than one registrant can be combined in a single payment, but use a separate form for each registrant, including the accompanying person. Acknowledgements of advance registration will be sent promptly.
The payment date will be that of the payment order. The registration will be taken as valid and acknowledged after it is received at the congress account. Late payments with a date after February 15, 2000 will have to respect the increased rates as shown below. A refund request will be honoured if received in writing but expenditures will be subtracted, which will amount to 90 USD for requests received before June 15, 2000 and to 140 USD after this date.

 Last Name:    First Name:    Title:



Street:        No.            P. O. Box. (if applicable)

City:                             State:   (if applicable)

Country:                                 ZIP Code:

Phone:    Fax:    E-mail:

Registration fee Before February 15, 2000 Later or on site

 Regular fee 1), EMS member 2) 320 USD 400 USD
 Regular fee, non member 350 USD 430 USD
 Student 3), EMS member 160 USD 210 USD
 Student, non member 180 USD 240 USD
 Accompanying person 4) 70 USD 90 USD

(number of courses will be calculated according to your choice below)
25 USD per course 35 USD per course

1)Proceedings and social events are included
2)All members of national EM societies which are members of EMS
3)A copy of the official student I.D. has to be included
4)Includes the welcome party and the theatre evening

The Regular Fee includes the full choice of Proceedings alternatives. Please tick two of the boxes:
 Volume I (Biological Sciences)
 Volume II (Physical Sciences)
 Volume III (Instrumentation and Methodology)
 CD-ROM (complete Proceedings)
Use Supplement Order Form to ask for the Volume IV (Supplement)

The student fee includes the CD-ROM Proceedings


Please tick the Tutorials you want to participate in. The Tutorial Fee (see above) should be paid together with the congress fee. The tutorial booking will be made upon receipt of the payment. The advance booking is strongly recommended; only a few vacations will be left for bookings upon arrival.

The Tutorial summaries are presented in the Scientific Programme section.

  T1   TEM Specimen Preparation in the Physical Sciences (Tuesday, July 11, 12.00-15.00)
Ron Anderson, Lynnette D. Madsen*
IBM, Hopewell Jct., New York, USA, anderron@us.ibm.com, *Department of Physics,Linkoping University, S-58183

  T2   Quantitative EELS and EFTEM (Sunday, July 9, 15.00-18.00)
Ferdinand Hofer
Research Institute for Electron Microscopy, Technical University Graz, Steyrergasse 17, A-8010 Graz, Austria, f705hofe@mbox.tu-graz.ac.at

  T3   Docking X-ray data into EM structures (Wednesday, July 12, 12.00-15.00)
Rasmus R. Schroeder
Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research, Jahnstr. 29, D-69120 Heidelberg, Germany, Rasmus.Schroeder@mpimf-heidelberg.mpg.de

  T4   Immunoelectron microscopy and labelling techniques (Thursday, July 13, 12.00-15.00)
Julian E. Beesley
Glaxo Wellcome R&D, Medicines Research Centre, Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage SG1 2NY, U.K., jeb41302@glaxowellcome.co.uk.

  T5   Quantitative high resolution EM and electron diffraction (Monday, July 10, 12.00-15.00)
Henny W. Zandbergen
National Centre for HREM, Delft University of Technology, Rotterdamseweg 137, 2628AL Delft, The Netherlands, h.w.zandbergen@stm.tudelft.nl

  T6   Very low energy in a standard SEM (Sunday, July 9, 12.00-15.00)
Ilona Müllerová, Luděk Frank
Institute of Scientific Instruments AS CR, Královopolská 147, 61264 Brno, Czech Republic, ilona@isibrno.cz, ludek@isibrno.cz

Open Labs

Please tick the Open Labs you want to participate in. This is the preliminary booking for the workshops organised by companies. The time and place of each Open Lab will be announced in advance at www.eurem2000.isibrno.cz and advertised in the congress building. The list of Open Labs is likely not complete yet.

High resolution TEM (FEI / Philips Electron Optics)
TEM sample preparation with focused ion beams (FEI / Philips Electron Optics)
Novel applications of environmental SEM (FEI / Philips Electron Optics)
Ultramicrotomy of industrial materials (Diatome / Leica)
PEEM/LEEM: Applications to materials and life sciences (Focus)
Specimen preparation for TEM (Gatan)
Automatic particle analysis (LEO Electron Microscopy)
User interfaces (Oxford Instruments, Microanalysis Group)
Cryo-SEM (Oxford Instruments, Research Instruments)
TEM specimen preparation for materials science (South Bay Technology)
TEM sample preparation (Technoorg Linda)
Digital image processing and electron tomography (Tietz Video&Image Processing Systems)


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